Dragon Professional Individual

Let your voice do the work

….with the latest in speech recognition technology.

Dragon Professional Individual 15 is your ticket to saving time and money while increasing your productivity at work. Be happy, be hands-free.

Dragon Professional Individual gives you the power to use your voice to deliver high-quality, accurate, and faster dictation and transcription – resulting in a speedier document creation process.

This solution let’s you add custom words that match your style of speaking. Specific industry terminology, commonly used words and phrases, and create shortcuts for repetitive tasks created for you to work faster and better.

What can you do with Dragon Professional Individual

Speak your mind to create, format, and edit with your voice efficiently

Import/export custom word lists to share with your colleagues

Use your voice to control and command your computer

Proofread  with speech-recognition or dictation playback

Create custom voice commands to insert frequently-used text and graphics

Capture your thoughts on the go with automatic transcription

Use your voice to control and command your computer

Proofread  with speech-recognition or dictation playback

Let Dragon Professional Individual 15 transcribe for you

If you find you’re on the go and don’t have time to sit down and handle the paperwork associate with that busy lifestyle, don’t let your work pile up. Dragon Professional Individual coupled with a professional digital recorder will make sure that when you record your voice, the audio file will be automatically transcribed when you connect to your desktop.

Dragon Professional runs on Windows computers. Note: The French edition allows you to use an English Profile and a French Profile with the same license.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Capture your thoughts and ideas on the go
  • No more messy notes and costly transcription services
  • Save time and money no matter where you are

With Dragon Professional Individual you can lessen your workload by documenting more quickly and accurately and improve your overall productivity. Free up your time and enjoy it a little more. Cause you deserve it.